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Your Challenge: Swimming with the Sharks

In this competitive marketplace, it’s impossible to win in a vacuum.  While every business should do Price to Win (PTW) especially on their strategic “Must Wins,” many  lack the internal resources and budget to do successfully do it themselves. Even if they have a process, most cannot afford to outsource PTW to consultants.

This is especially true for smaller companies, graduating into the competition…more like thrown into the sea, without a lifeboat.  These companies are sandwiched, the rapidly growing “tweens”, facing a challenging environment of not just their smaller peers, on top of the day to day running of their businesses.

Designed as a turnkey solution, with hands on training to get you quickly up and running, the PTW SOS and PTW SOS+ Toolkit is ideally suited for companies that have yet to invest in developing internal resources, those moving into Cost Plus contracting, new entrants to public sector and those drowning in Task Order bids. It also applies to those who are tired of hiring consultants to do PTW for them, one opportunity after another! This game changing approach will allow companies to compete against larger, more established bidders.

The Solution: A Lifeboat

PTW SOS is an easy-to-use PTW Process, Black Hat Template, "Top Down" and "Bottoms Up" models and Executive Briefing allows users to simply input data based on RFP parameters and intelligence about competitor teams gleaned  from Black Hat, research and anecdotal experience.

With PTW SOS for single awards and PTW SOS+ for multiple awards and Task Order bids, PTW SOS is a complete PTW toolkit, based on a proven process, for collecting and analyzing data resulting in PTW target recommendations for executive decision makers.

Simply put, PTW SOS allows you to connect your Intelligence to the Math and your Math to Recommendations!

PTW SOS is an assist, allowing you to get out of the water, into the boat and row to a win.   It’s what you need NOW, designed for companies like YOURS, by someone who has done this, taught this, and won...repeatedly. 

MBA, PHD not required!

PTW SOS one-pager, click here.

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