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PTW SOS Boot Camp is designed as a comprehensive set of interactive, hands on training modules built around Best of Breed Competitive Intelligence/Price to Win (CI/PTW) as an integrated part of the Business Capture Process.  The training begins with an introduction to Capture and CI/PTW concepts and processes and culminates with a walk thru and hands on exercise using PTW SOS, a robust toolkit for single and multiple-award captures (See attached one pager).

The audience for this training is any professional who may participate as part of the Capture Team, including Program Managers and individuals from the support areas of Business Development, Capture, Proposal, Technical Solution Architects, Pricing, Market Research/Competitive Intelligence, Contracts, Subcontracts/Purchasing, and Human Resources.  The training modules will cover all phases of tactical Capture, CI/PTW necessary to make a winning PTW target recommendation.  Sample agenda:

Day 1

Module 1: Understanding the Federal Acquisition Lifecycle- A basic overview of the phases of the Federal Acquisition Lifecycle with the Capture phases superimposed.

Module 2: Capture Best Practices- A functional look at the tactical Capture Team, highlighting areas critical to CI/PTW, including the Bid/No Bid Process, Teaming, Pricing Strategy, etc.

Module 3: CI/PTW: Integral Part of Capture- Informative briefing, focusing on history, definition, practical application and high level overview of the CI/PTW process, followed by a hands-on exercise crafted to walk through all the major CI/PTW activities on a capture effort.  Shows how CI, Teaming and the RFP drive the PTW.

  • Sandwich Project Exercise

Module 4: Your CI/PTW Process: Getting it Done Right-   This session briefly recaps relationship between CI/PTW and Capture and details the Ten Steps of the CI/PTW Process.  The lecture is followed with a walk thru of a comprehensive example of a Pre-RFP CI/PTW of a multiple award IDIQ (Army OPTARSSII).

Module 5: Dissecting the RFP, the Proposal, the Contract-This session helps to understand the correlation from RFP to Contract by following the flow using an through an un-redacted FOIA, with emphasis on the proposal review.

  • Red Team Exercise


Day 2

Module 6: Basic Labor Rate Analysis for the Non-Pricer-   This session discusses both “Top Down” comparative rate analysis and “Bottoms Up” labor rate construction.  Direct Labor, Overhead, G&A and Fee are also addressed. 

  • Labor Rate Development Exercise

Module 7: Black Hat-Key to Feeding PTW- This session explains the importance of the Black Hat Process in gathering competitive intelligence and driving the PTW and includes strategies for Black Hat preparation, facilitation and timing of a successful Black Hat.

  • Black Hat Template Walk Thru

Module 8: PTW SOS+ Toolkit Walk thru- A detailed walkthrough of the PTW SOS+ model and briefing templates for IDIQ opportunities followed by a Sample RFP and Exercise using the toolkit

  • PTW SOS+ Exercise/Briefings

Skill Ladder: Leveraging CI/PTW in your Career or Business Goals

Wrap Up: Certificate/Survey/Materials Distribution

PTW SOS Boot Camp can be delivered in four half day sessions, to minimize impact to client operations. The exercises work well with 9-12 students; a minimum of three students is required. The WFG reserves the right to modify the agenda based on the skill level of the participants. Pricing available upon request.

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